Facebook changes its mind: Now it has no intention of leaving Europe

Facebook changes its mind: Now it has no intention of leaving Europe

Recently Meta, the company that owns Facebook and other platforms, threatened to leave the member countries of the European Union for not allowing the use of user data at will. However, the response he has received has made him change his mind, as he now has no intention of leaving Europe; thus changing the premise that she had at the beginning.

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Facebook's ultimatum has no effect in the European Union

Facebook began a conflict with the European Union, due to the ruling issued in 2020 that invalidated the privacy shield used by countries in Europe and the United States to exchange personal data. However, said order prevented the company from doing this with the data of its users, something that Zuckerberg did not like; so he gave the EU an ultimatum to give in or else they would stop offering their services in those countries.

However, this has not instilled any type of fear in the representatives of the member countries, since the finance minister of Germany, Robery Habeck, and that of France, Bruno Le Maire, have made their position clear, where they claim to be able to live no Facebook or Twitter. Implying that the company's threats are empty and that they do not influence the sentence in the slightest; causing that in the end he had to retract.

An immediate change of heart

With these statements, Facebook has had no choice but to back down entirely, saying they have no desire to leave Europe, but persist that many companies rely on data transfers between the EU and the US to offer their services nationwide. global, and that they have continued to respect the laws and clauses as appropriate; but they need a new framework so that this transfer can be done easily to keep the service afloat.

With this, it makes it clear that Facebook has requested a global standard that can guarantee the transfer of information from users in the European Union to be able to use them in its favor, something that the EU privacy regulations do not approve of, due to its rigor. Since many technology companies have been involved in million-dollar fines for failing to comply; which makes them see that they are in check and cannot use manipulation in their favor.

The European Union remains firm in its decision

Already in the past, the European Union has been confronted with technology companies, such as Google, which it made pay the sum of 2,400 million euros. And it is that the EU created a regulatory framework in which it intended to reduce the freedom of movement of these large technology companies; trying to reduce their impact and influence in the territory, through legal obstacles and million-dollar fines that must be met to continue operating in the region.

In this context, it is easy to intuit that the European Union will not give in, nor will its laws that protect users from member countries, so many of these technology companies will have to give in to continue operating. Although Meta seems determined to continue in the fight, this time he has given in; It is possible that in the future it will press again to ensure that the transfer of information between Europe and the United States can be done in a simple way. 

The future of Facebook in Europe

Although Facebook has recently said that its previous statements were not a threat, it is easy to guess that they sounded like one for the European Union, since it has responded firmly; targeting the social network and leaving in uncertainty whether this will be beneficial in the future. Keep in mind that the decision to leave Europe belongs only to the company and that when they decide to do so, no one will stop them.

However, Facebook remains firm in wanting to continue operating in Europe with all the restrictions that this implies, but it will surely continue to fight for a method that suits it. Although it is also necessary to note that the European Union will not give in with any threat and that the companies are usually the ones who have to lose in these cases, so Meta will have to look for different alternatives if it wants to continue in the region.

Facebook and the privacy of its users

It has already been seen how Facebook can make incorrect use of the information of its users, something that does not please the people who use this platform at all, however, Europe seems determined not to let this happen in its countries, giving the assurance to its citizens that their data will not be used in any way that could harm them.

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