Android 13 Beta Now Available For Download

Android 13 Beta Now Available For Download

Surprisingly, Google has released the beta version of Android 13, available for download and testing for developers, highlighting privacy and security among its novelties; trying to improve its mobile platform to be as safe and simple as possible.

Although it is not only the functional part that changes, it has also incorporated a renewed design with a new color palette and ready to customize, discover more below.

Mainly focused on security and privacy

As Google has said, Android 13 brings improvements in security and privacy, with an image menu that allows you to share with other applications more securely; preventing it from leaking in any way.

Similarly, the permissions section has become more robust, being able to decide whether or not applications can access Wi-Fi in a simple way; giving one more layer of security to the user, with which he can control everything that is done.

Similarly, the company has added new features for developers, including tools to design custom tiles in settings.

Which greatly expands the customization capacity, which Android already brought with it in its latest versions; In this way, the variety of options is extended so that professionals can add new things to the operating system.

Android 13 will let you customize app icons

When Android 12 implemented Material You on Pixels, it gave the option to customize the home screen with icons of similar colors.

However, this feature was somewhat limited, but this is about to change with Android 13 where they intend to take the feature to another level; where the icons of third-party applications are allowed to adapt to the background, making it unnecessary to download icon packs to make it look good. ( Read also: The next iPhone 14 will have a hole in the Screen for its Camera )

This means a fairly large leap in customization, along with the creation of new widgets, which would make Android continue to be the easiest operating system to customize.

Another important aspect of the new Android 13 is that it cannot be downloaded by OTA, it must be downloaded manually by a system image and then it can be updated automatically, all this depends on whether you want to have the latest version before anyone else.

Each app can have its own language

Another novelty is that in Android 13 you can choose the language that each application displays, since by default they used the system language in previous versions, in the same way improvements have been made to the shaders and the launch of new updatable modules in the Google Play Store such as Bluetooth and Ultra Wide Band; and it is that this previous developer version contains only a handful of all the new features that will be seen. 

In this way, Android 13 solves several problems that the operating system had been presenting in several of its previous versions, making a significant change from version 11.

Where only certain functional sections were changed but not much emphasis was placed on the aesthetic; making this new version expected by all to see how smooth it runs on pure Android devices.

What is the release date of the new Android 13?

The first version for developers is already available, and according to information from Google, it is estimated that the second version will be available in March.

After this, the beta program will be launched with four more or less stable versions from the months of April to July, where a few more months will pass until the final version can be seen; which is estimated to launch between the months of August and September for Pixel devices at first.

Will this version of Android 13 reach all current mobile devices?

When the full version of Android 13 comes out, the devices that will immediately receive this update are Google's flagships, the Pixels, from version 4 to 6.

So other phones from other brands will have to wait a little longer, since they must go through the customization layer of these companies to see the official launch on their platform; however, it will be a matter of time to see it in the most recent equipment.

It only remains to wait a little while to see the stable beta version and be able to discover the many other new functions that Android 13 brings, along with other features that remain unclear at the moment.

What is clear is that this will be one of the best versions of Google's operating system, with many forms of customization and a style adaptable to any type of user; so you can adapt it to your personal tastes at all times.

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