You Can Now Do Web Page Searches With Emojis In Opera

You Can Now Do Web Page Searches With Emojis In Opera

Recently, the Opera web browser has enabled the power to search web pages with emojis, through the URL bar.

This is something that has been tested and where many websites are already identified by a series of emojis that redirect to their main page; something focused on simplicity. Although its real functionality and the potential it can have for the web world remains to be seen.

A Function That Is Very Present In The World Of Music

This trend has been adopted by artists and musicians, who have bought these web addresses with emojis to distinguish their web pages from others, and on second thought, it is a quite innovative strategy; since people could associate an artist with just a couple of these emoticons and search for it very easily. Although at the moment, it is only possible in the Opera browser in its most recent update.

There are already several celebrities who have joined this trend such as Kesha, Lil Wayne and Steve Aoki; being able to enter their official websites through a couple of icons that redirect instantly.

This is a slight change to the www protocol, which since the 1990s has been used through a URL to access websites until now; where using this type of special characters you can do the same.

How does the integration of emojis in the search of web pages work?
Opera made this possible thanks to the integration of Yat into its web platform , although it has managed to improve it by simplifying the url prefix .yat to the point where you only have to type emoticons to access web pages.

In this way, those emoticons that are integrated into the sites can be redirected to Yat addresses automatically, just by clicking on it as long as the address is correct and exists.

Yat's idea for implementing emojis in this way is that companies or brands can have a better personalization in marketing and a new way to make it easier for customers to find their websites. 

However, currently web addresses with emojis are quite expensive and it is not something that is being standardized; as not all browsers are supported and not all users know about this.

Price Of A Domain With Emojis

As mentioned above, an emoji domain is quite expensive these days, hovering around $400 depending on the amount and patterns of emoticons. However, these could come down in price once there is a larger market and it becomes popular with the general public.
So in this section, addresses of this type do not seem to have a very large use or profitability, so it is likely that it will be rare to find them.

The Union With Yat Could Be The Beginning Of An Internet Revolution

Opera has made a partnership with Yat, who is in charge of creating domains with emojis, something that is more present than ever today, since people use it daily in their conversations and on social networks, so it should not being unknown to people in knowing how to use them when searching for a web page, this in the future could mean a radical change and perhaps come to see this type of URL more frequently.

At the moment there are few people who know about this new way of searching web pages, but it is more than certain that this will become a trend over time and more and more browsers implement their own functionality to be able to do so.

However, because it's not completely profitable for its prices, we probably won't see it outside of Opera GX, which has implemented it as an experiment to attract customers and new users.

Is It A Feature That Is Here To Stay Or Just A Fad?

With all this, it is necessary to ask yourself if this search with emojis will be just a fad or something that could revolutionize the internet.

In technical matters, simplifying the urls to just a few emoticons, gives a lot of interest and simplicity, but sooner or later there will be problems such as the repetition of patterns and that more and more emojis will be required for the urls, which will create unnecessary functions. .

Before knowing the popularity that searches by emojis will have, it is necessary to assume the problems that they represent, because otherwise it will end up being a stagnant technology that will not get anywhere and will be forgotten as a function with enough potential that was not developed in its own right. Maximum capacity.
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