What Is A Virtual Locker And How Does It Work?

A virtual mailbox is a physical address in the US where you can send the international orders or purchases that you make so that they can later be sent to Colombia; This information is essential when you make purchases in the US. For example, with a virtual locker you can buy in recognized stores such as Amazon , GAP, Ebay, Victoria's Secret, Fossi, Walmart, Carter's, among others and that your order arrive in Colombia.

It is important to clarify that the virtual locker is personal, when the person registers on the platform, they receive an address and a unique number in the US. This is the address that must be entered when placing the order and where the company must make the shipment. Once you are there, the company in charge of the transport to Colombia makes the respective transport and delivery of the same.

How do the Virtual Lockers work?

The first thing is that we must understand that virtual lockers are the way in which we can buy in international stores and receive orders at our home or office in Colombia.

Imagine that you saw a product at a very good price or that they only sell in an e-commerce in the United States, for example during the days of  Black Friday that in the US they offer very good discounts; However, that store does not ship internationally, so are you going to miss the opportunity to make yourself a good offer?

That's where the virtual lockers are so important, because with that physical address you can buy without any problem in that store and have them send your order to that address in the US; then the logistics operator will review your order and transport it to Colombia , to finally deliver it to the address you indicate.

What should you take into account to acquire a Virtual Locker?

There are several companies in Colombia that offer the Virtual Box service, for example Servientrega with Servientrega Box . Each one has its own guarantees and advantages. Before purchasing one, we recommend that you check the service conditions and choose the one that best suits your needs.

In general, we recommend selecting an operator that charges by the weight and not by the volume of what you buy, as well as a platform that allows you to quote before buying or shipping and that you can track the status of the order at all times.

Other things that you must take into account to acquire a virtual locker are, for example, if there is a membership fee or not, there are some logistics operators that offer free membership or free membership only for a few years; if they have insurance available for your purchases.

Also if they have the option to pre-alert your orders so that they are processed faster; the maximum size that can be transported, as well as the maximum declared value of the merchandise; what exemptions do they handle in VAT and tariffs; the delivery time to the final destination since it arrives at the virtual mailbox; and finally national coverage.

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